A Closer Focus – February 15

An opportunity to share ideas, images, questions, and inspirations

For the February 15 meeting please bring in a couple of your images from your work – a recent field trip or any picture you are proud of or have questions about.  We will spend about half an hour sharing.

Half an hour will be an open forum discussing issues at hand.  There will also be half an hour for 10 minute presentations by members. This is always a great evening of sharing and learning. What topics would you like to explore?  Topics are very wide ranging, such as photo book reviews, an aspect of your own photography that you’d like to share, reviews or discussion of gallery shows, photo gear, software, etc.  Or bring a gadget to share.

For February we will include the following:

  • Last month David Terao covered a remarkable new feature in Lightroom Classic called “Auto”.  It is in the Develop module, under the block that begins with Exposure.   In February we will continue showing the features of the new Photoshop CC 2018 and Lightroom Classic.  
  • Tanya Riseman will complete her presentation of the Three Legs of Exposure.  She presented ISO in December, and Aperture in January (with a memorable use of spaghetti to illustrate light rays).  She will cover Shutter Speed this month.  Links to her two previous presentations follow:

Future topics might include: compositional strength, HDR, abstract images, or anything else photographic you want to bring to the table. This is an opportunity for you to provide input to the SSCC experience.

If you would like to be on the agenda, please email me at: