Welcome to the website of the Silver Spring Camera Club. We welcome visitors and new members to our meetings, which take place the first four Thursdays of every month, September through May. On this site, you will find information on membership, club activities, including competitions, and upcoming events.

Winning Photos (projected) – October, 2015 Competition

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4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dee Garner

    Would like to speak with someone about what to look for when buying a DSLR … I’m a bit of a novice for SLR so need some good knowledgable advice.

    1. Alan J. Cutler


      I’d be glad to give you advice about a DSLR. I’ve been using DSLRs for about 10 years, and more recently a mirrorless camera sporadically. I am a member of the Washington School of Photography Camera Club in Rockville, not the Silver Spring Club.


  2. Ann Hunter

    I have an old 8mm projector, a screen, and two projectors for slide photos…35mm. You pick them up and they are yours. I live near Colesville Road and Sligo Creek Parkway on St Andrew’s Way.


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