Monthly Member Workflow 2017-2018

The following topic list indicates the activities and meetings that generally define each month in the program year of September through May.  Other irregular activities are introduced into the monthly schedule from time-to-time as well.

Beginning of the Month

  • If you are planning to enter competition, finish working on up to 2 photographs to submit for Digital Competition. Mat or mount up to 2 photographs for the Print Competition.

First Thursday – Speaker’s Night

  • Attend the Speaker’s Night to gain inspiration and learn how a professional approaches photography.
  • Submit Digital Competition Entries by the midnight deadline.

Second Thursday – Competition

  • Arrive early to sign in and turn in matted Print Competition Entries. (Use the template provided on the SSCC website.)
  • Listen to comments by the judge about your photographs, and about others’ photographs, to learn how to critically see and develop work from the various judge’s perspectives.

Third Thursday – A Closer Focus

  • Based on the topic, whether it be a workshop, an education topic, or an interactive forum, come with equipment or materials for specified projects as indicated in the prior A Closer Focus meeting, the Cable Release, and the Meetup announcement. You may also wish to bring book, software, video, or other media reviews, or anything else requiring your preparation. 
  • If you like, bring a few of your prints to evaluate with fellow members, and be prepared to offer your own feedback, critique, and questions to others.

Fourth Thursday – Board Meeting

  • Optionally attend and participate (non-voting) with Board members in discussions and decisions involving the Club’s future!

Field Trip(s)

  • Be sure that you know the meeting time and place, which is announced in the Cable Release, at Thursday night meetings, and on Meetup announcements.
  • Check out the venue on its website, or via a “Google” image search, to see what shooting opportunities might present themselves.
  • Seek out other members who shoot similar equipment to ask questions and get tips on lenses, flash, tripod, filters, etc.

End of the Month

See “Beginning of Month”!