Welcome to the Silver Spring Camera Club’s 67th Season! If you’re a new member, this Handbook should serve as an introduction to the many benefits of joining the Club. If you’re a renewing member, this Handbook provides useful information on the competition topics for 2017/18, and this year’s calendar of speakers, education night topics, and field trips.

SSCC truly offers something for everyone. If you are interested in the competition experience, and testing yourself in monthly competitions or just attending and learning about the process, we have some gifted photographers and great judges who offer constructive feedback in a very supportive and fun environment. Competition Night has made me a better photographer. The Club also offers a wealth of learning and fellowship opportunities, including insightful speakers, field trips, and a new feature that was introduced in 2016/17 as Seminar Night, renamed in 2017/18 as A Closer Focus, which offers members a chance to receive feedback on their photography from their fellow members in a non-judging environment, learn new skills via workshops, or hear presentations on photographic subjects.  All of these meetings and field trips offer a great opportunity to get to know the other members and share your photography experiences and ask some questions. We also have a monthly board meeting, which is a great opportunity to be a voice in the direction of the club.

The Club has a deep history and many longtime members. The members are interested in furthering their knowledge of photography and having the opportunity to share the experience and socialize with others who feel the same. It is very easy to connect with the club. In addition to the weekly meetings, we have active Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can find information on Meetup and we have a Google group forum and a Flickr page to share your images. In my experience, Club members are all happy to share their knowledge of and enthusiasm for photography, so reach out to them at the next meeting.

I hope that this Handbook will serve as a resource throughout the year.

Catherine Honigsberg