Bill Schafer – December 7 Speaker

Photographs as Art

Bill Schafer and his wife Cheryl are the owners of Moments in Time Photography. Bill is essentially a self-taught photographer, although many have contributed inspiration, advice and direction to his work. He has studied Ansel Adams’ works on the effects of lighting in photography. Bill and Cheryl express their view that photographs are captured moments in time that help us remember, enjoy and cherish the world around us.

After retiring from his full-time career, Bill wanted to try selling photographs that people would buy as art. Cheryl attended a craft fair and thought exhibiting there would be a great way to bring his work to the public’s attention. Bill took time to learn what makes the difference between a photograph and a work of art. Inspired by photographers David Kiley and Rodney Lough, he learned various digital and color techniques.

Cheryl is a strong source of inspiration and encouragement for him, and also contributes her own photographs to their gallery of images. Her photography features portraits and moments of celebration and ceremony that add intimacy and richness to Bill’s work.

Bill and Cheryl’s captured moments of beauty and joy are shared in their photography.