Honor Fund

The Silver Spring Camera Club comprises a diverse group of individuals passionately dedicated
to the pursuit of photographic excellence. We believe that the best method of understanding the art of photography is through education and the sharing of ideas. To further this goal the Board of Directors has established the SCCC Honor Fund. The Fund honors those members who have contributed to the growth and sustenance of the Silver Spring Camera Club since its founding in 1950.

The mission of the Honor Fund is to financially support a photography project that advances a community related cause. A project may be proposed by a Club member, by another photographer sponsored by a Club member, or by a community organization sponsored by a Club member. Funds will be awarded by a three-person committee who will evaluate blind proposals.

In keeping with the mission, projects should provide a benefit to the local community. A project to self-publish a book of family portraits would likely not be considered, as it makes no contribution to the local community. A public exhibit of portraits of homeless people at Progress Place likely would be considered, as it raises the issue of homelessness within the local community and benefits those who otherwise have little. Possible projects are bound only by one’s imagination!

Funds are to be used for consumable items and for other support, and not for capital equipment. Possible items that might be funded include paper, ink, frames, printing, matting, teaching supplies, coaching, and other such expenses. Items that would not be considered include a macro lens, a camera, a printer, or other non-consumable items.

Applications can be submitted between September 1 and November 1 each year, with awards being made by December 1. The project must be carried out within the following calendar year, with a presentation about the final project (or about projects underway) at the annual June banquet.

Club members, families, and friends are invited to donate to the Honor Fund to recognize fellow members, to celebrate significant photographic milestones in their lives such as the first publication of an image in a national magazine or first solo exhibit, or simply to support the community outreach mission of the Fund. Donations will be accepted throughout the club year and can be included with Club dues by using the check-off box on the membership form.

Application Form