SSCC and Social Media


Connecting with the Club and its members is easier than ever before. We have active Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can find us on Meetup and we have a Google group forum and a Flickr page to share your best images. Of course the best way to connect is to attend one of our meetings! But, between our weekly gatherings here are all the different ways to connect to SSCC online when you’re not at a meeting.

Google Groups

We use Google Groups as an online forum to ask questions, post comments, announce photographic opportunities and a bunch of other things. Joining is easy but you must be a member of the Club.

To sign up, email the Web/Group Manager at with your name and email address. We will then send you an invite via email to join the group. It’s also easy to adjust your settings so can get a daily digest of posts or you can choose to get each post as they come in. Join today and start participating!


We will be using Flickr as the online area for SSCC members to post images into the SSCC Flickr group. Everyone in the world, as well as all members of the club will be able to view the images as well as have the opportunity to leave comments. However, only SSCC members will have the ability to upload images to the group image pool. This is an opportunity for all members to share images with the world, get feedback and have a discussion about your pictures.

Joining is easy. There are two steps necessary to join Silver Spring Camera Club Images group and some guidelines for using Flickr. First, you must have a Flickr account. Joining is free and easy to do. After creating an account, you will post images to your Photostream. This is the bucket where all your images are stored. From this bucket, images can be associated groups. Some or all of your images can be associated with the Silver Spring Camera Club
Images group.

The second thing to do is find the group. The name of the group is Silver Spring Camera Club Images. From your main Flickr page look for a link to Groups (top of the screen) and search for the name. Once you find the group, join by clicking the appropriate button. Once you are a member of the group you can begin sharing photos.

Here are some guidelines for posting images and things to keep in mind about Flickr.

Images will display in the group pool in the order posted, not taken. You can set your privacy controls so that Flickr has some restrictions on downloading images. Carefully read the section about Privacy & Permissions when setting up your account. Flickr offers the ability to “tag” images. This helps the Flickr search engine find your photos in a search. Tags can be any word(s) you want and you can apply as many tags as you want to an image.

Flickr Summary

· Visit the group as often as possible and post comments to other’s photos.

The rules of the group are simple: You must be a member of SSCC, and you can upload 10 images per week.



Meetup is an online social media tool that fosters genuine connections with Meetup members while enhancing the visibility of SSCC in the community.

We joined Meetup to help advertise the many exciting activities we offer and encourage more members to join the club and participate. More sharing of knowledge and experiences will help everyone grow as photographers and make membership in the Silver Spring Camera Club more worthwhile than ever before.

Meetup is not just a social media platform similar to Facebook or Twitter. Meetup really fosters face to face meetings rather than exclusively online “friends” and “followers.”

Go to:

The advantages of joining the Meetup group are reminder emails about meetings, finding and staying in contact with other members, a place to post and enjoy looking at others photos from field trips and finally, the possibility of finding other Meetup groups that may interest you with different topics than photography. Take a look around and join the fun.


The world’s most popular social network is the best way to keep up with the latest photography news and Club business by following us on Facebook (


Tweets are short and sweet notes about photography and Club business. Follow us on Twitter ( and get the news immediately.